Pool Energy Bill Slashed

Pool Energy Bill Slashed

The South West Sports Centre has already started to reap the benefits of its state-of-the-art solar project, according to aquatics operations manager Richard Duke.

Mr Duke said the centre had seen some positive results from the solar project and the financial and environmental savings of the Royalties for Regions-funded project would continue to grow.

“After two months of full use, savings has been very promising at this time of year and without tweaking the system until a benchmark has been set. The tariff usage and dollar amounts have both been reduced from the previous year,” Mr Duke said.

“Once the city has benchmarked 12 months worth of data the system can be refined slightly to potentially gain more improvements.

“The winter months provide the least gain due to the reduced sunlight and lower night time ambient air temperatures; however, the centre would expect to see a greater percentage of solar contribution during the summer months, almost negating all input from the gas boiler system to heat the water.”

The roof now has 240 solar panels that heat the championship 50m pool and leisure pool.

The evacuated glass tubes generate about 550KW of energy per day, depending on temperature and sunlight.

Supreme Heating WA distributor Craig Doncon said he was happy with the outcome of the project and had received plenty of positive feedback.

“It’s all working really well,” Mr Doncon said.

“The figures I have seen on the May and June usage at the centre shows that energy costs are down.”

Mr Doncon is hopeful recreation centres around Australia will follow in Bunbury’s initiative.

“There has already been plenty of attention regarding this technology,” he said.

“We have received interest from Kalgoorlie and Floreat who are keen to follow Bunbury’s lead.”

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