Pool Covers & Rollers – FAQ’s

Pool Covers & Rollers – FAQ’s

Why should I install a pool cover?

A Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover will save you 50,000-70,000 litres in evaporation every year, add 15-23% heat into your pool by harnessing the free energy of the sun, as well as reducing chemical consumption by 50-70% and preventing leaves and other debris entering your pool. Find out more about our unique Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover range here or contact a Supreme Heating consultant to request a quote.


What are the best ways to take care of my pool cover?

All pool covers have an expiry date. However depending on how well you take care of your cover, you can ensure a longer life and better protection of your pool.

Without proper care, your pool cover will not last the predicted life span. All plastic materials will naturally deteriorate when exposed to sunlight, however with the addition of UV stabilisers to your pool cover, this deterioration is slowed. Your swimming pool area is one of the harshest environments for any plastic product. Sunlight, chlorine and heat will all take their toll on the UV stabilising system in your pool cover. Excessive exposure to these elements will accelerate the usage of the UV stabiliser reducing the life span of your pool cover, and voiding your warranty.

To prolong the life of your pool cover and to keep your warranty valid, please follow the instructions below:

  • Folded or rolled, your Supreme Heating pool cover MUST be protected from high temperatures and direct sunlight when not in use. Always use the approved sun cover.
  • NEVER leave your cover in direct sunlight when not in use, it must be under full shade.
  • If you have a roller, the provided sun cover MUST be in place at all times when your solar pool cover is stored on the roller. If not, the cover will overheat. Sun covers are provided with the purchase of a pool cover roller.
  • If a roller is not purchased, ensure that your solar pool cover is stored out of direct sunlight, it must be fully shaded.
  • Ensure you remove the cover when super chlorinating.
  • Avoid pulling your cover over rough or sharp surfaces.


How should I clean my pool cover?

All that is required for cleaning your Supreme Heating solar pool cover is a soft brush and clean cold water.


How should I store my cover?

Any time you plan to store your cover, it is important to make sure you hose it off with clean cold water. This will prevent any chlorine build up, which is potentially damaging to the lifespan of your cover.

If you are planning to store your cover for long periods of time, (i.e. over winter) allow it to dry first to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

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