Caring for your Pool Cover

Caring for your Pool Cover

caring for your pool cover

When you invest in a pool cover, you are doing so with good reason. Not only does it absorb the heat from the sun to increase the temperature of your pool by up to 8°C, it reduces the amount of water and heat lost from your pool through evaporation. On top of that, it protects your pool from leaves and debris. But how do you protect the pool cover?

Like any investment, a pool cover needs to be cared for. The under-surface faces a constant barrage from the chemicals in your pool. Chlorine is an extremely effective sanitiser and kills viruses, bacteria and algae but, when there’s too much in your pool, it can also cause bleaching and damage to the cover. If you notice the bubbles turn a milky white colour, the cover’s life is either at, or near, the end. To try and prevent over-exposure to chlorine, we recommend that you test your water regularly and, when super-chlorinating your pool, you remove the cover until the chemicals return to a normal balance.

The pool cover is designed to absorb the heat from the sun and, as a result, it is an extremely good conductor of heat. Unfortunately, when out of the water, the blanket continues to feast on the sun’s rays and is at risk of overheating or even melting. The pool cover is also coated with a chemical that protects it against chlorine, and this chemical will break down if exposed to heat. That’s why Supreme Heating includes a sun cover with all new pool covers and we recommend that, whenever the cover is not in use, you wrap it in the sun cover and keep it in full shade.

Finally, if you’re going to keep your pool uncovered for a reasonable period of time, we recommend that you hose off the pool cover with clean, cold water. This prevents any build-up of chlorine.

A pool cover is an investment that will help reduce both the effort and the cost of maintaining your pool. Look after it, and it will go on saving you money well into the future.

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