Pool Heating Options

Pool Heating Options

Pool heating optionsBecause you don’t want your pool to become an expensive water feature.

Finally, the sun is shining. Summer is here, and the ground is warm beneath your feet. You walk gingerly towards the pool, remembering too late just how scalding wooden decking can become in direct sunlight.

You’re hot and bothered. You can feel the water almost calling you in. And you don’t need a second invitation. You leap from the sizzling deck and dive into the crystal-clear water.

Your skin tightens the instant you plunge through the surface. In a split second, you go from feeling refreshed, to something more akin to shock. It’s freezing.

You, and your eldest child decide to brave it, determined to enjoy the water now that summer’s here. But your youngest is already wrapped in a towel, shivering despite the warmth of the day, and your wife refuses to even dip a toe in the water. After a bracing ten minutes, you make your excuses and call it a day.

Sound familiar? Then read on, because you’re missing out. There are plenty of great ways to heat your pool and extend your swimming season.

The best solution depends on you. If you want to swim virtually all year round, you can opt for gas heating, or an electric heat pump. There are pros and cons for each, but with either of them you’ll revolutionise the way you use your pool.

Or if—like many—you feel less like swimming during the colder months, why not opt for solar pool heating? It’ll give you a good 4-6 months of swimming each year, and the running costs are minimal.

It’s also worth pointing out that part of the battle of heating a pool is keeping the temperature from plummeting overnight. So, don’t underestimate the contribution of a pool cover.

However you want to heat your pool, reach out to Supreme Heating on 1300 787 978. We’ll have the right options for your whole family to get the most out of the pool.

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