How Much Does Solar Pool Heating Cost?

How Much Does Solar Pool Heating Cost?

Solar Pool Heating Costs

Solar Pool Heating System Costs in Australia

If you’re weighing up solutions to heat your swimming pool, then solar pool heating should be the first option you consider. It’s efficient and environmentally friendly—with zero greenhouse emissions—and will bring your swimming pool to a comfortable swimming temperature for around six to eight months of the year depending on where you are located. And because we have a passion and commitment to providing our customers with innovative, energy efficient products, solar pool heating is always the first solution we at Supreme Heating recommend.

Solar pool heating really is simple. The water from your pool is pumped to your roof and circulated through solar collectors that are designed to absorb heat from the sun. This heat is transferred to the water, which is then pumped back into the pool with the aid of gravity.

So after the initial outlay, the only costs you’ll incur are for the electricity to run what is a small pump. The rest, is free and will always remain free—the good thing about using the power of the sun to heat your water is that nobody is ever going to charge you for using it. It’s what makes solar pool heating by far the cheapest way to heat your swimming pool.

Other options to heat your swimming pool include an electric pool heat pump and gas heating. Both will allow you to swim all year round, but that convenience comes at a cost. It takes energy to heat your pool and although pool heat pumps are extremely efficient and gas heaters won’t be running all the time, you will notice the impact they have on your bills. For example, we estimate the cost of running a gas heater at approximately $6 per hour at today’s prices. A 17kW pool heat pump, big enough to heat a 50,000 litre pool will cost you approximately $0.80c for each hour it operates at maximum capacity. Whether or not that’s a price you are prepared to pay, depends on you.

If you’re happy to compromise and swim for only half the year—perhaps slightly longer in New South Wales or Queensland—then solar pool heating really is the perfect solution.

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