Hold-up with Centre Solar Project

Hold-up with Centre Solar Project

The South West Sports Centre’s state-of-the-art solar project has hit a speed bump with the centre waiting on the arrival of a heat exchanger unit from Europe.

The South Western Times reported earlier this year that the Royalties for Regions funded project, consisting of 240 solar panels on the roof of the centre, would take about six to eight weeks to install – with work starting early January.

Centre acting manager David Russell said that without the heat exchanger, work could not be resumed.

‘‘The City of Bunbury is currently waiting for the arrival of the heat exchanger unit from Denmark and for it to clear Customs,’’ Mr Russell said.

‘‘Once the city has taken possession, the internal plant room fit out and associated trades to carry out this work can go ahead.’’

Mr Russell said despite the delay, the City of Bunbury is satisfied with the progress of the project.

‘‘There was no ‘fixed’ date put on the project completion and the time that the project is taking is of no concern,’’ she said.

‘‘The city expected that importing parts into Australia from overseas may cause some transport delays and allowed for this.

‘‘The city is focusing on the long term benefits that the project will produce which is predominantly a reduction in gas usage as this offers both a cost saving in current and future energy tariffs, as well as reducing the carbon footprint that the centre produces.’’

Mr Russell said the project was expected to be completed by the end of April, a delay of about two months.

Once installed, the centre will use the solar panels to heat its indoor pools, with the evacuated glass tubes generating about 550KW of energy per day.

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