Heatseeker Oku Panel System

Heatseeker Oku Panel System

Advanced German panel technology

Supreme Heating has a range of solar heating products designed to minimise running costs and CO² emissions, and is proud to include the Heatseeker Oku system into its range. The Heatseeker Oku panels are manufactured in Germany and are made of high density polyethylene, which have a high pressure rating and thermal efficiencies.

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The Heatseeker Oku system is ideal for installation in Australia’s harsh climate. It can handle both extreme heat and extreme cold. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to birds such as cockatoos. These panels have survived being run over by heavy vehicles and can withstand the impact of hail. Combine the panel durability with a twenty five year product warranty, Heatseeker Oku is the perfect choice for your pool heating solution.

  • Built to last – 25 year product warranty
  • High density polyethylene panels
  • Advanced German technology
  • Cockatoo and hail proof
  • High pressure rating and thermal efficiencies


For further information, visit our Panel Solar Pool Heating page.

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