Heatseeker Diamond Pool Covers are now Climate Care Certified

Heatseeker Diamond Pool Covers are now Climate Care Certified

Supreme Heating are proud to announce that the Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover has been Climate Care Certified.

The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). It is the industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program.

Supreme Heating’s Heatseeker Diamond Pool Cover has met the stringent requirements of the SPASA Pool Cover Certification Guidelines as well as being certified by Smart Approved Watermark.

Benefits of Heatseeker Diamond Pool Covers:

  • Reduce water evaporation by up to 97%, providing water savings of approximately 50,000 to 70,000 litres per year depending on location
  • Will minimise maintenance by decreasing the amount of dust and general debris entering your pool.
  • Comes with pro rata warranty of up to 7 years
  • Increases heat retention of your pool, keeping you warmer for longer

Why consumers should choose Climate Care Certified products

  • Consumers purchase with confidence knowing that they are choosing a certified environmentally sustainable solution
  • Enjoy the benefits of choosing a solution which utilises water efficiency, energy efficiency, noise reduction measures, environmentally sustainable designs or efficiency/sustainability innovations
  • Reduce your overall carbon footprint whilst saving money

Why the industry should choose Climate Care Certified products

  • Show your commitment to preserving the environment and to industry best practice
  • Demonstrate your investment in the industry’s sustainable future and inspire others to do the same

All Climate Care Certified products undergo independent third-party testing and/or verification to assess and report on claims being made such as water efficiency and energy savings.

Only credible and trusted local, national and international testing and verification bodies are considered by SPASA to ensure that claims being made on energy and water efficiency and sustainability are substantiated.

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