Heat Pump or Solar. How should I heat my pool?

Heat Pump or Solar. How should I heat my pool?

Choosing between two great investments.

Heat Pumps Versus Solar Pool HeatingYou want to heat your pool water. You’ve discounted gas as an option because of the running costs, and want to know whether to choose a heat pump or go with solar pool heating to bring the water up to the perfect temperature. But which should you choose?

Both systems are electric, but that’s where the similarities end. With solar pool heating, water is pumped from your pool through the collector (tubes or panels) that are installed across your roof. As the water circulates through them it is heated naturally by the sun. It’s a very efficient way of heating water—your roof can easily top 50oC on a hot day, and that makes it the perfect place to heat pool water. Once heated, the water is then pumped back into your pool. The energy used to heat the water is free, and your only running cost is for the pump to take the water to the roof.

Unlike solar pool heating, a heat pump takes natural heat from the air and converts it to heat energy, which it uses to raise the temperature of your pool. Heat pumps are extremely efficient. Statistically, they will produce between five and six units of energy for every one they consume but, as we all know, electricity is expensive and, though they are efficient, heat pumps will cost you money to run.

But what do both options mean for your swimming? Well, solar pool heating is dependent on the warmth of the sun, so while it will extend your swimming season to about 6-8 months, depending on your location, the pool is unlikely to lure you away from the footy. A heat pump on the other hand will keep the pool warm throughout the year, though it is worth noting that they are less efficient in cool weather.

Both will mean making a reasonable investment, and the simplicity of solar pool heating and reliability of heat pumps, mean they should last for a good ten  to twenty years.

Choosing between them is down to personal preference. If you’d like to find out which is the right solution for you, call Supreme Heating on 1300 787 978.

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