Gas Spa Heating Options

Gas Spa Heating Options

Australian Gas Spa HeatersYou’ve taken the plunge and invested in a spa. You have dreams of gazing at the stars while relaxing in the warm water of your very own private retreat. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty compelling prospect.

The water won’t warm itself, however, so you’ll need to decide the best way to heat it. And you don’t need to look too much further than gas. It’s fast, efficient and readily available. Even in areas where natural gas is not available you can use propane tanks, and that makes gas an option for everyone.

It’s speed that really makes gas the perfect choice for spas. Most likely, you’ll want to heat the water on demand—probably to shift the temperature quickly by anything up to 20oC—rather than keep the water at a constant temperature. And you won’t want to wait too long for the water to heat either. If the spa is not ready to use within an hour, you probably won’t use it as much as you might have otherwise.

At Supreme Heating, through our Heatseeker Genesis range, we offer three sizes of gas spa heaters which vary in size from 200MJ to 400MJ. Which one is best for you will depend on the size of your spa: the 200MJ version will heat a 1000 litre spa by 20oC in just over half an hour; whereas the Heatseeker Genesis 400MJ will heat a larger 1500 litre, 10-person spa by the same amount in just over 20 minutes.

gas spa heating optionsThe entire range is efficient and environmentally friendly. Our three options all outperform the industry standard and are certified for low nitrogen oxide emissions. And the hot surface ignition in each means you won’t have to worry about discovering the pilot light has gone out just as you prepare for your visitors to come round—because there isn’t one.

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