Gas Pool Heating Options

Gas Pool Heating Options

gas pool heating options

If you’re looking to swim all year round, then gas heaters are a really good option to consider. They are, without a doubt, the fastest way to bring your pool up to a comfortable temperature­­—usually, we recommend swimming in water that’s between 27oC and 29oC. Gas heaters are so effective that, even in winter, you’ll be able to invite guests around for a pool party.

At Supreme Heating, our gas heaters use revolutionary technology to heat your pool water quickly and efficiently. They’re simple to install and easy to operate—with LED indicator lights and rotating, push button controls. To heat the water, they burn gas inside a combustion chamber and the resulting heat is transferred to the water, which is then returned to your pool.

The bigger the system, the faster it will raise your pool temperature. One of Supreme Heating’s Heatseeker Genesis 200MJ gas heaters will raise the temperature of a 50,000 litre pool by 12oC in slightly over 20 hours. The 300MJ version will do the same in 15 and the 400MJ will bring that time down to around 10 hours. Of course, rather than heating on demand, you can also use a gas heater to maintain an even temperature throughout the year, and that’s perfect if you’re a regular swimmer. Either way, adding a pool cover will help to keep the residual heat in the pool and that will make it cheaper and faster to bring your pool to the right temperature.

Gas pool heaters really are a lifestyle choice. They’re all about maximising the significant investment you’ve made in your pool. And a high-performance, durable gas heater from Supreme Heating will have you swimming year-round, for years to come.

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