Gas Pool Heater Size Guide

Gas Pool Heater Size Guide

Everything you need to know about gas pool heaters.

Gas pool heaters are, without doubt, the fastest way to heat your pool. Install one, and you’ll be swimming all year round and able to raise the temperature on demand.

First, let’s talk about how they work. Water is drawn from the pool and passes through a filter into the heater. The heat of the burning gas is transferred to the water, which is returned to the pool.

So what size gas pool heater should you choose? Obviously, you’ll need to take the size of your pool into account, but you should also consider the temperature you wish to swim at and the average temperature where you live.

The bigger the system, the faster it will raise your pool temperature. A Heatseeker Genesis 200MJ will raise the temperature of a 50,000 litre pool by 12oC in slightly over 20 hours. The 300MJ version will do the same in 15. The Heatseeker Genesis 400MJ will bring that time down to around 10 hours. But heating time isn’t the only consideration. Remember, the larger the output, the larger the input. In other words, though all our gas heaters use revolutionary technology to heat your pool all year round, the larger the unit, the higher the running costs.

A 200MJ gas heater will use 200 MegaJoules of gas per hour when it is running. In Australia, the prices of gas vary from state to state. Currently in Victoria, the typical price of gas (without discounts) is around 2.5c/MJ. A simple calculation will tell you that for each hour it runs, a 200MJ gas pool heater will cost you $5.

And you can reduce those costs. When it comes to temperature, remember that a pool loses 75% of its heat through evaporation. So before your gas pool heater can reach your desired swimming temperature, it will have to replace the heat that has been lost. Use a pool cover, and you won’t need to run your gas pool heater for as long.

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