Gas-Fired and Electrical Backup Systems

Gas-Fired and Electrical Backup Systems

As fantastic as solar pool heating systems are, the sunlight they depend upon is not consistent enough to provide the sole source of heat for a pool that always needs to be the same temperature. Solar pool heaters can extend the swimming season for months. They provide free and renewable heat for your pool. However, we can’t claim that your pool will always be the perfect temperature, even first thing in the morning or after a string of cloudy days early or late in the season. This especially tends to be a concern for commercial and institutional pool owners.

That’s why Supreme Heating can also provide gas-fired pool heaters and electrically powered heat pumps, sized to provide the perfect backup for our solar systems. These powered pool heaters are high efficiency, and our automatic controllers will ensure that they only run when they’re needed. When combined with a powered backup system, solar pool heaters can make pools usable all year, even in the south.

For absolutely dependable comfort, choose a solar pool heating system with a heat pump or a gas heater as back-up with the use of a pool cover.

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