Do pool covers really heat the water?

Do pool covers really heat the water?

Why a solar cover is a must for your pool.

Do pool covers really heat the water

There are plenty of ways to heat a pool, and each comes with its own unique set of benefits: the speed of gas; the simplicity of electric heat pumps; the efficiency of rooftop solar; and the revolution that is solar PV thermal. But no matter which option you choose, at Supreme Heating, we consider one item to be essential. A pool cover.

Pool covers are, without doubt, one of the great inventions. Without one, when it comes to keeping your pool water warm, you are simply running to stand still. That’s because no matter how you heat your pool, you’ll lose a significant proportion of that heat—up to 75 per cent—through evaporation. That means if you want to keep your pool warm, your pool heating system will have to work hard just to replace what has been lost.

A pool cover is so efficient at retaining heat because it acts as a barrier between the surface of the water and the air above. Rather than being lost to the atmosphere, the heat is retained in the pool. Not all pool covers are the same, however—they vary in efficiency. Some, like the Heatseeker Diamond, are extremely effective because the diamond-shaped bubbles can be spaced more closely than the round bubbles you’ll see on other pool covers and, as a result, offer 14.6 per cent more heat retention.

So pool covers help to retain heat. But do they actually increase the water temperature? Believe it or not, they can increase the temperature by up to 8oC! A solar pool cover—particularly an advanced one like the Heatseeker Diamond Space Age, with its silver/aluminium shield—collects the heat of the sun and reflects it back into the pool. It really is an extremely efficient way to heat your pool water.

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