Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater Repairs

Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater Repairs

Helpful DIY solar pool heater repairsSolar pool heating is one of the most energy efficient and eco-friendly ways to heat your swimming pool. At Supreme Heating, we offer innovative, high quality solar pool heating systems to homes across Australia.

Over time, natural wear and tear can cause solar pool heating systems to leak, leaving you with a bill that could cost you thousands. Luckily, there are a number of simple DIY repairs which are quick, easy and inexpensive.

If you’ve noticed a drop in your pools water level, or the water temperature never seems to be warm enough, chances are you might have an issue with your system. The most common causes are damage to the absorbers or manifold system resulting in a water leak.

Vegetation growth, vermin, hail storms and even long-term exposure to the sun make up the majority of solar heating issues.

Here’s how you can repair the strip collectors and manifold yourself without needing to replace the entire solar pool heating system:

1) Examine the collectors and manifold for any leaks. This is done by simply leaving the pump running and examining the system for any signs of water leakage.

2) If you locate a leak, turn the solar system off before commencing any repairs.

3) Start the solar system up and check to see that no water is leaking out, and that the area has been repaired correctly.

Only a fraction of pool solar heater issues are expensive or difficult to fix. To avoid any nasty surprises, it’s recommended to get a yearly inspection as part of an ongoing maintenance program to help identify any potential problems before they occur.

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