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Supreme Heating DirectorA Message from the Director;

As Supreme Heating approaches 30 years in business, this milestone provides us an opportunity to both reflect on our past and to look forward to our future.

Australia has faced extreme weather over the past few months, from an unprecedented and merciless bush fire season to destructive storms causing floods. Seeing the devastating consequences of climate change that were unleashed on our natural environment, our passion to drive transition to renewable energy, which is what is required to address climate change in the long-term, is at the forefront of our business.

As the Government aims to meet the emission reduction targets, there is a degree of uncertainty around electricity generation and the use of natural gas. In such a climate, sustainability and sustainable products are critical for achieving success and creating positive outcomes for the industry.

With the ongoing shifts in customer expectations and emerging products, we believe it’s possible for everyone to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We can all make a difference to climate change and better position ourselves for the future.

In conjunction with the design and manufacture of sustainable products, Supreme Heating is committed to educating the industry and consumers on understanding their options and making the right choice when it comes to pool heating solutions.

Depending on the location, the majority of swimming in Australia occurs outdoors between the months of September and April, when the weather is warm, and the sun is shining – the ideal environment for renewable energy solutions.

Our recommendations always focus on the hierarchical levels of sustainability. The consumer is always encouraged to choose an option that utilises renewable energy, and will be sustainable long term, rather than the selection of a product for convenience.

The lowest impact form of heating is solar, followed by heat pumps and gas heaters. However, all options should be considered depending on geographical location, project requirements and performance expectations. Comfort levels, rising energy prices and increased awareness of responsible energy consumption are considered to suit the often unique and individual needs of a family or business. Regardless of the chosen solution, the inclusion of a pool cover is always recommended.

Our dedication to our employees, customers and community, fuelled by our passion for providing innovative, renewable and sustainable solutions, has been the foundation of our success and will continue to drive Supreme Heating for years to come.

Colin Mauger, Director


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