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Save Money Using Solar Pool Heating

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How to Save Money with Solar Pool Heating

Installing a pool can be one of the best decisions you make – but it can also cost an arm and a leg to maintain. With energy costs rising all across Australia, many homeowners are looking for solutions to effectively cut back on their annual pool costs. The natural energy converted through solar panels is a cost effective and environmentally friendly option that may help you get the most out of your home pool. If you’re interested in how solar pool heating can save you valuable money, continue reading. 

This blog will outline the benefits of switching to solar pool heating, as well as some of the big factors to consider when choosing your heating system. To discuss your pool and what the best option may be for you, contact Supreme Heating today for personalised advice. 

Harnessing the Power of the Sun 

Gas and electric pool heating can be some of the biggest bills that come with installing a pool in your home. The beauty of solar pool heating is that you get to rely on the natural heat of the sun, slashing down your power bills and making the most of the free solar energy Australia provides. Even on cloudy days, solar panels are able to convert sun rays into cost-free heating for your pool. Why drive up your monthly payments when you can harness the best natural energy source the world has on offer? 

Cost Comparisons 

The three most common types of pool heating in Australia are solar heating, gas heating, and heat pumps. Solar energy has steadily been growing in popularity over the years, becoming more affordable and accessible than ever. Whilst all three may be costly to install depending on different factors, the significant difference in price comes from the ongoing costs to continue running each of these systems. 

Once installed, solar heating can cost as little as $1 a day, considerably cheaper than both electric and gas heating. If you’re investing in a long future of enjoying your pool, installing solar heat panels is going to set you up for many years of minimal bills and ongoing maintenance. You’ll be thanking yourself down the track. 

The Perks of Solar Heating Systems 

Installing a solar pool heating system doesn’t just cut down on your annual costs, but it can also ensure that you’re getting the most out of your pool season as possible. Solar heating lengthens your daily hours of pool use, able to use sun rays to extend those early morning and evening hours into potential swim time. The way the panels are able to conserve energy and hold on to solar heat means you can be getting as much use from your swim season as possible! 

Solar pool heating is the low-maintenance option as well. Heating systems that run off electricity and fossil fuels not only require more regular maintenance (and therefore money), but are also the more environmentally damaging options. Save yourself time, money, and protect the planet all at the same time by making use of the natural energy provided to us by the sun.  

How to Know if Solar Pool Heating is Right for you 

There are many factors to consider when deciding if a solar heating system is right for your pool. Size of system, pumps, and whether solar heating is even an option is a different discussion for every single client. A few of the important variables to consider include:

  • Location (Does your house get enough sun for effective solar pool heating?) 
  • Roof Style (How can panels best be installed with the layout of your roof?) 
  • Pool Temperature Preferences 
  • Use of Pool Covers, Heating Blankets, etc 
  • The Length of Your Swimming Season

Contact Us Today to Find Your Perfect Solar Heating System 

There’s a lot to consider, but the benefits of solar heating are well worth the discussion. If you’re looking to install a system for your new pool, or if you’re wondering if you could be saving time and money by switching up your existing systems, it’s well worth consulting some experts to see what’s right for you. Contact Supreme Heating today to discuss how we can help find the perfect system to help you make the most out of your pool fun.

Give us a call today on 1300 787 978 to find your perfect solar heating system.


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