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One Footprint, Two Solutions

Supreme Heating has been an industry leader for over 30 years, providing pool heating solutions in Australia. We continually invest resources ensuring quality products and continued innovation; towards a sustainable future. One of the substantial costs for a pool is heating, both commercially and domestically. Traditionally commercial buildings would use enormous gas systems or energy-devouring electric heating systems. For enhanced efficiency and to offset CO2, combining solar PV and thermal water heating in one unit has revolutionized the industry.

Driven by the reality that there is a transition from centralized systems towards clever and renewable sources from the energy world.

A hybrid solar system utilizes the available space in one footprint, designed for simplicity and performance to transform into intelligent, positive-energy buildings. The Heatseeker DualSun, simultaneously produces electricity and heating for pools and other hot water applications.

That’s the supreme solution!

Dualsun has won a host of gold awards for sustainability and product of the year in 2018 when released in Australia. A zero-energy pool refers to people creating their own clean, reliable, and 100% renewable energy. The panels can neutralize the ongoing energy costs of pool heating, generating solar electricity and heated water, reducing the expenses and CO2 output of associated fossil fuel heaters.

Our latest project at the University of Queensland had 326 Dualsun panels installed, providing electricity for their buildings and heating their three pools. The system has provided the university with an initial 90% offset of all associated heating.

And, with expected, rising energy prices will become one hundred percent renewable.


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