Commercial Pool Heating Solutions

Commercial Pool Heating Solutions

Why Supreme Heating is the perfect choice for commercial pool owners

Commercial Pool Heating

If you’re looking for ways to heat a commercial pool, then the good news is that Supreme Heating also offers commercial solutions. No matter the size or location of your pool—or even whether it’s indoor or outdoor—Supreme Heating will have the perfect solution for you.

Specialists in commercial solar pool heating since 1990 and members of SPASA, ALFA, ALFAQ, ARI, ARV and CEC—Supreme Heating is one of the industry’s innovators. We’re always looking to help facility managers lower the cost of operations, and to find more efficient and effective ways for our customers to heat their pools.

And it shows in our products. In 2018, our Heatseeker DualSun solution won the SPASA Product of the Year award. It’s a hybrid solar PV thermal panel that generates electricity and thermally heated water at the same time. The benefits are clear: not only can you heat your pool water very efficiently; you can generate electricity to reduce the operating expenses of the swimming pool and building.

But, if your preference is to heat your pool in other ways, we can still help. Supreme Heating offers solar, gas or electrical solutions that are scalable to any size commercial pool. And because we test all our equipment rigorously in one of the best in-house facilities in the country, we’ll be able to produce accurate performance statistics and a good indication of running costs to help you make the right choice for your commercial pool.

With offices nationwide and a network of distributors and agents, Supreme Heating is the perfect choice for commercial pool owners across the country.

So if you are looking for solutions to heat your commercial pool, give Supreme Heating a call on 1300 787 978.

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