Automated Pool Heating – Set and Forget!

Automated Pool Heating – Set and Forget!

How do solar pool heating systems switch on and off? Well, the owner can certainly do it manually, but we recommend equipping these systems with an automated controller.

The controller works much like the thermostat for a home heating system. It has a sensor in the pool water and a sensor up on the roof, near the solar collectors. When the pool is below the temperature that you prefer and the difference between the pool water and roof temperature is great enough to warrant switching the system on, it starts automatically. When the pool reaches its set temperature, the pump switches off.

This keeps your pool water as comfortable as possible at all times, and the pump and controller are not expensive to run. Most people only switch off the system when the swimming season is clearly over.

A controller is inexpensive and incredibly useful, and of course it’s adjustable and can be switched off at any time. The vast majority of our customers who purchase solar pool heating systems also buy a controller and sensors to regulate them.

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