Another happy pool and spa heater customer

Another happy pool and spa heater customer

Some great feedback from one of our happy pool and spa heater customers:

Hi Guys,

I just thought I would send you some feedback on our heat pump we purchased backed in September this year, and your fantastic after sales support.

So, we picked this machine up from your warehouse in Bundoora, took it home to Merrigum, near Shepparton, and installed it. I plumbed it in myself and had a sparky wire it in for us. With great excitement, we started it up, and watched the temp slowly rise. I had it set to 28 degrees, and we had a brand new pool blanket as well. Our pool is 42,500 litres, so I knew it would take a few days to hit 28. Days went by, 21 degrees was the max we could get. 3 weeks went by, and still 21 was the maximum we managed. I was thinking, “It’s OK, it’s still a bit cool outside.” Then one day, a malfunction icon came up on the app on my phone. EE3, Flow Switch, no flow or bad water flow switch. Thats when I jumped on the phone and spoke to James, and I found out I hadn’t set the flow up properly.

Yes, the sacrificial paddle on the flow switch had done it’s job, and snapped off when the dopey owner (me) was allowing FULL FLOW to run through the heat pump! I found the paddle sitting inside the salt chlorinator, which I was able to salvage. Armed with the knowledge from James on how to set the correct flow and achieve the 22 bar gas pressure required to achieve optimum heating, I set about replacing the paddle on the flow switch with some wonderful stuff called Rapid Fix, even though James was sending me a replacement, free of charge. I set the flow up so the gas pressure was 22 bar. The Rapid Fix did it’s job ( and still is, a couple of months on). The next day, our pool was sitting on 28 degrees, while the outside temp was on 21. As the weather warmed up, our pool sat on 28, and the heat pump is now only on for about 3-4 hours a day, coming on with the pool pump at 10.00 am, and shutting off about 2.00 pm.

We have a 5 kw solar set up with a battery, and even with the heat pump initially running flat out because of my stuff up, our bill was only $480 for the quarter. That’s for a 6 bedroom house with 2 adults, 2 kids, lights on ALL the time KIDS!!! Plus devices, gaming consoles, etc, etc…

So, if any of your customers are in doubt as to whether or not they should install an electric heat pump on their pool, please show them this. I would be more than happy to recommend your product. The smiles on our kids faces every afternoon says it all.

Thank you for your help and advice, and for bringing a wonderful product into our lives. It has been worth every cent.

Sean Murphy.
Merrigum, Victoria

Thanks for the kind words, Sean. We’re glad you’re happy!

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