A conventional pool heater burns natural gas, and that produces greenhouse gas emissions. Every time you use it, it’s contributing to climate change and costing you money. Why would anyone use fossil fuels to heat their pool when they can use free, sustainable energy from the sun?

A solar pool heating system requires nothing more than a controller and a pump, which use only a small amount of electricity. Working with rooftop solar collectors, they will keep your pool water warm for up to six months longer than you can comfortably swim in an unheated pool. Solar pool heating systems are not a new technology. They’ve been evolving for more than 20 years, and they are highly effective. With a solar pool heating system, you’ll find that the pool is almost always warm when you want to swim.

Why spend money and create emissions when there’s a better system available? Call Supreme Heating today, and we can tell you if your pool is a good candidate for a solar heating system.