The future of pool heat pumps

Supreme Heating brings Inverter Heat Pump Technology to the Swimming Pool Industry with the launch of its Heatseeker Nova range.

Heatseeker Nova Inverter Heat Pumps are designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the outside air. The heat pumps use a variable-speed compressor which has greater energy efficiency. Inverter technology eliminates voltage peaks which will reduce your annual energy consumption whilst extending the life of components.

Inverter Heat PumpNova Inverter Heat Pumps are designed and manufactured with the latest technological enhancements which include:

Variable speed compressor
Provides up to 30% greater efficiency with a COP of up to 8

Digital scroll technology
Optimises output of the compressor

DC Inverter technology
Increases performance and enables variable speed

Titanium spiral heat exchanger
Is more efficient than standard heat exchangers

Commercial grade ambient and water sensors
Longer lasting components

Supreme Heating raises the bar with Inverter Heat Pump technology at this year’s SPASA Pool & Spa Show – come and see the future of pool heat pumps on stand F12.