Swimming Pool Solar Heat Pumps

Heatseeker Solaire Heat Pump Brochure

The Heatseeker Solaire Heat Pump provides world class performance to maximise heat outputs and ensure whisper quiet operation. The pump can heat and cool, is quick and easy to install and is inexpensive to run. Heatseeker Solaire comes in a variety of models and can be sized to provide year round heating.

• Inexpensive to run • Swim in a heated pool all year • Incredibly efficient Japanese inverter technology • Quietest operation in Australia
• Top quality, maximum durability Titanium heat exchanger • Installation is quick and easy • Attractive, unobtrusive heating unit
In some regions of Australia natural gas heating is unavailable or uneconomical to run. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on family fun and entertainment in your swimming pool. Heat pumps are designed to heat your pool using electricity, delivering up to fives times more energy in heat than it consumes electricity. This technology is based on the same principals employed in air conditioners and refrigerators, the heat pump extracts the latent heat that exists in the atmosphere. Our Heatseeker Solaire heat pumps provide quiet, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable pool heating all year round. This will ensure that you, your family and pool friendly neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment in the backyard.

How does a pool heat pump work?

Heat pumps are designed to heat your pool by extracting ambient heat from the air – even in low temperatures. This heat is then transferred into a refrigerant gas which is compressed and heated further. The heat is then transferred into the pool water, and heats your pool. By using this process the heat pump units are very energy efficient with 80% of the required power coming from the air.

Why choose a Heatseeker Solaire heat pump?

World-class Performance With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of greater than 6.2 at an air temperature of 26°C and over 4.5 at just 15°C, Heatseeker Solaire heat pumps are 15-30% more efficient than competitive units. This remarkable efficiency can save up to 80% on running costs compared to alternative gas or electric pool heating. Whisper-quite Operation You and your neighbours will be happy that when your heat pump is operating it generates as little as 48 decibels. How quiet is that? Quality, Reliability and Durability Heatseeker Solaire Titanium heat pumps are manufactured using only top-quality Japanese and European components. The Titanium heat exchanger is not only extremely efficient, it will never rust or corrode. Our heat pumps also feature more accurate and durable commercial grade digital controllers, specific water flow switches and high capacity compressor capacitors. Heat and Cool Heatseeker Solaire heat pumps not only heat your pool, they can cool it with equal efficiency.

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