Swimming Pool Inverter Heat Pumps

Heatseeker Nova

Nova Series

Swim more, spend less. The future of heat pump technology.

The national award winning Heatseeker Nova Series inverter heat pumps are designed to efficiently and consistently heat your pool year-round, while using up to 30-50% less electricity. The inverter heat pump heats your swimming pool water using the same principals of a reverse cycle air conditioner that heats your home.

The warmer it is, the better it works.

Inverter technology allows you to vary or modulate the speed of the compressor – much like a variable-speed swimming pool pump. This maximises energy efficiency whilst keeping utility costs low, providing outstanding electrical savings and reducing your annual energy consumption.

Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Features & Benefits

DC inverter technology
Increases performance and enables variable speed.

Variable speed compressor
Using variable speed compressor technology creates higher efficiencies by only drawing the power it needs based on the pool heating requirements. This eliminates voltage peaks which in turn saves energy compared to an on/off type heat pump.

Digital scroll technology
Optimises output of the compressor.

Titanium spiral heat exchanger
5-8% more efficient than standard heat exchangers with no welding points which reduces gas leakage risk by 30%. 

Commercial grade ambient and water sensors
Longer lasting components.

Ideally suited for homes with solar electricity
Providing sustainable alternatives, the Heatseeker Nova Series heat pumps can utilise the free surplus electricity produced by solar photovoltaic panels to reduce your running costs to zero, while maintaining your pool temperature during the warmer months.

Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Regular Heat Exchanger

Refer to full warranty details

National Award Winning Technology – Awarded Gold for Sustainability

Pool Heat Pump Award Winning Model

Supreme Heating, 2015 SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence winner, is proud to include the Heatseeker Nova inverter heat pump in it’s range. Chosen by an expert panel of judges from numerous award entrants, the Heatseeker Nova inverter heat pump demonstrated the best savings of energy, being awarded Gold in the category of Sustainability.

Heatseeker Nova Inverter Heat Pump

Awarded gold for sustainability

The national award winning Heatseeker Nova inverter heat pumps are designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the outside air. The unique and innovative DC inverter technology uses a variable-speed compressor which offers greater efficiency and lower operating costs. The spiral titanium heat exchanger combined with the super-quiet operation and soft start technology further enhances the efficiency and lifespan of the Heatseeker Nova heat pump. 

Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Heatseeker Nova+ Inverter Heat Pump

With even greater performance

The Heatseeker Nova+ offers the ability to dynamically vary the working frequency of the inverter compressor, boasting even greater performance. This, coupled with the synchronisation of the fan and compressor speeds, optimises air flow to and from the heat pump. The enhanced technology of the Nova+ provides up to 50% higher efficiency with a COP of up to 13.6 compared to an on/off type heat pump.

Inverter Pool Heat Pump

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